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How to obtain leads through Instagram

If you’re using social media to obtain leads you’ve probably had business from Facebook and Twitter, but have you considered Instagram for promoting your products of services?

Once company that is successfully using Instagram for business is Square One Marketing and Design whose boss Elliott Richmond can be found on Instagram @erichmond.

Elliott’s strategy is to publish a mixture of personal and business photos using the hashtags #sq1hq and #sq1md on all business Instagrams. These consist of a mixture of web development and web design projects that he’s worked on.

Instagram is a great way of showcasing his company’s web development and design expertise, which was recently noticed by Kim Ellefsen of Norwegian company WNDR. You can find Kim on Instagram at @ellefsen.

Kim wanted to find a web expert to develop a WordPress plugin and was impressed with Elliott’s Instagrams. He got in touch and now they are working together.

If you have any examples of obtaining leads via social media, please get in touch if you would like me to feature your story as an example.


How to find leads on Twitter

Twitter is full of useful and relevant information for your business. You can find industry news, business tips, discussions including Twitter chats and perhaps most important of all; leads.

Here’s an anecdote that demonstrates that leads, even for a niche business, are there to be found on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Cheltenham voice over artist and copywriter Serena Gay - you can email Serena at [email protected] - was having a conversation about social media with Belinda Wilson @GlosJobs. Serena mentioned that she wasn’t convinced that Twitter was the right social network for her business. Wishing to help Serena and as someone who uses Twitter to obtain leads, Belinda decided to see how many people were talking about voice over artists. Using Tweet Binder she discovered that there were 270 tweets in the past week including the phrase ‘voice over artist’ reaching a potential 423,774 people. Here are a few examples of the 270 tweets she found from a quick search:

To help you find leads like the above you can use Twitter’s own Advanced Search tool. There are a number of filters you can use to fine tune your search, such as Places which helps you find tweets from people within a certain distance of your town. Handy, if you are looking for business close to home.

For a more automated approach you can set up Twilert to receive emails containing search terms of your choice. Like Twitter’s Advanced Search, this tool also has the advantage of allowing you to find words and phrases in a particular geographical area. Once set up correctly you can receive leads straight to your inbox on a regular basis. Nice. Twilert allows you to search for one word/phrase for free and for additional words and phrases, subscriptions start at $10 per month.

For more help on finding leads for your business please contact me to arrange a one-to-one consultation or a half-day social media workshop.


5 ways to obtain leads with LinkedIn

The great thing about LinkedIn if you are looking to network, recruit staff or obtain leads is that the network’s sole focus is on business. You won’t find any holiday snaps, jokes or posts offering relationship advice on LinkedIn, sometimes called ‘the professionals network’.

Members of LinkedIn are there to do business so here are 5 ways you can obtain leads:

1) Use LinkedIn’s powerful search to find appropriate 2nd tier connections then contact them via an Introduction or InMail if you’re on the business version. With 2nd tier connections you have at least one thing in common - a mutual connection - so this is a good starting point for a conversation when making an approach. More about this in 5 steps to obtaining sales through LinkedIn.

2) Take advantage of the new LinkedIn endorsements by improving your credibility with potential leads. Everytime you receive an endorsement it’s displayed on your connections newsfeed. This make yourself more interesting and visible to potential leads and can encourage visits to your profile. To obtain endorsements simply ask for them. Make sure you give lots of endorsements too - you’ll find that contacts will return the favour.

3) Next time someone is seeking a particular product or service refer a suitable person from your network. You’ll find that people will return the favour and recommend you to potential leads.

4) Use LinkedIn to find suppliers and advisors. There’s an abundance of talent on LinkedIn and you can use LinkedIn Search and its filters to find skilled people that you can retain. You’ll establish working relationships and a stronger network which will result in more leads and sales.

5) Join appropriate LinkedIn Groups and network with members. If you wish to keep up with best practice then you’ll want to join Groups specialising in your industry. But for leads you need to join related Groups. For example, I recently advised sales staff at an engineering company to join Construction and Transport Groups which is where they’d find potential clients. Many businesses can also find leads in Groups for entrepreneurs, small businesses and business leaders.

I can help you get real value from LinkedIn with a 1 hour review and optimisation of your profile which can be done face to face or online. It costs £85. If you’d like to book or find our more please let me know.