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Facebook fail from Gloucestershire County Council

Gloucestershire County Council ‘s Facebook Page proudly states ‘Improving the quality of life for Gloucestershire people’ yet the Council could do with making a few improvements with their communications with the citizens of Gloucestershire.

The Page seems to service no purpose. There have been no updates since April and before then an automated news feed from the website was the sole source of any posts. Facebook Pages are all about engagement and interaction yet it’s not possible for fans to post on the Page; this key feature has been disabled.

Other aspects of the Page could be improved too; there’s no customised URL, no cover photo, limited information about the Council under About and no use made of Timeline concept or features.

Hardly a surprise then out of a population of 126,000 only 128 have liked the Page..and one of those is me!.

If you have any other suggestions for improvements please comment below.

Update 22 July 2012 – Gloucestershire County Council have been in touch and acknowledge the shortcomings of their Facebook Page.


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