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5 benefits of LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn is tremendously useful for professionals wanting to network and obtain leads and it’s a powerful tool for recruitment. The majority of users stick with the free version but there are good reasons for considering LinkedIn Premium. There are different upgrade options tailored for business people, job seekers, sales professionals and recruiters but they all have the following benefits.

1) InMail - this is the most significant benefit which gives you the ability to message pretty much all of the 300+ million members of LinkedIn - a very powerful too. The only exceptions are high profile people like Richard Branson. InMails are more likely to be read than emails; 7 times more likely according to LinkedIn. Recipients receive an alert displayed on the right hand side of LinkedIn as well as an email notification.

2) More search results - When you use LinkedIn earch on the basic version, the maximum number of profiles that are displayed in results is 100 but on Premium this increases to a minimum of 500 profiles.

3) More filters in Advanced Search - You can find leads and contact people using the standard Advanced Search but Premium gives you the option to filter by useful criteria such as Seniority Level and Company Size.  This allows you to refine your targetting of potential prospects. Learn how to obtain leads using LinkedIn Advanced Search.

4) More Saved Searches - Once you’ve set up a suitable Advanced Search (see point 3) you can have the results emailed to you. This is much more convenient than having to enter your search criteria manually each time. You can have one Saved Search with the free version but upgrading to business gives you seven; handy for targeting different business sectors or roles.

5) More results for ‘Who’s viewed your profile’ - LinkedIn have recently improved this valuable feature and added a new How You Rank for Profile Views feature. To see all those who have viewed your profile in the past 90 days you’ll need Premium. On the free version you only have access to the 5 most recent viewers details. For ‘How your rank’ free members will see the top 10 members in their network and company as well as 10 members around them while Premium members will see the top 100 in network and company, as well as 100 members around them.

For more information and to upgrade to visit the LinkedIn Premium page.

If you’re local to Cheltenham you might be interested in the Learn about LinkedIn workshop I’m running on Tuesday 22 July. Alternatively, please contact me to arrange an appointment or book some time on the phone with me. 


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