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Chocolate bar launched on Google+

Last week Larry Page, Chief Executive of Google announced that Google+ which was only launched in June 2011 now has 90 million users. It took Facebook ten months to reach 1 million uses.

Brands are beginning to take notice of Google+ and most big now have an official Page. Some such as Pepsi are easy to find using Direct Connect. Type in +Pepsi into and you’ll see how it works. It’s likely this feature will be available to all Pages soon.

Last week Cadbury endorsed Google+ by using its Page to launch a new product; the Bubbly Bar. Expect other brands and businesses to follow suit.










To mark the launch I’ve giving away Bubbly bars to the first 10 people who tweet about this blog using hashtag #bubbly.

I’ll be explaining how Google+ can help any business at my Google+ workshop in Cheltenham on 15 February - booking and info.

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