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Foursquare sharpens its image on Facebook

Foursquare have made improvements with how the Foursquare application on Facebook integrates with the new Timeline design. In Foursquare’s own words, “Now, the check-ins that you choose to share on Facebook look nicer, in both your Timeline and News Feed (and if you check in a bunch of times, your friends will see them as one nice story instead of separately). Your check-in photos show up full-size, too, just like photos you upload to Facebook.”

Also displayed on the right is a summary of each month’s Foursquare activity in your Timeline, which includes your total check-ins, top places plus badges you unlocked.

The most significant change here is the display of photos which perhaps will encourage more people to take snaps when they check-in; something that currently only a small percentage of people seem to do.

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