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How to setup and use Pages to Watch to track competitors

Facebook Pages to Watch is a useful feature that was recently added to Facebook’s Page Insights. Not to be confused with the new Audience Insights, it’s a tool that enables Page Admins to monitor and measure the performance of their Page.

Pages to Watch lets businesses and brands create a list of Pages similar to their own and compare their performance. I’d suggest adding peers, competitors, suppliers and others that you work with.

How to use Pages to Watch - part of  Facebook Pages Insights

Here’s how to setup Pages to Watch:

  • Go to your Admin panel and select Add Pages in the Pages to Watch section (see above)
  • Use the handy Search for a Page you want to watch or choose from suggested Pages
  • Click +Watch Page
  • After adding up to 5 Pages, click Done.

From your admin panel, you can see the total number of people who like each Page you’re watching and how much this number increases or decreases each week.

If you visit the the Page Insights, there’s a wealth of additional information. You’ll see the total number of people who like the Page, plus the following info for each week in the Overview section:

  • Percentage increase or decrease of people who like the Page
  • Number of times the Page posted
  • Amount of engagement the Page received
  • Recent posts (click the name of the Page)

If you visit the Posts section of Page Insights, you can see the five most engaging posts from the Pages you’re watching by selecting Top Posts From Pages to Watch.

When you add a Page to watch, the people who manage the Page will get a notification, but this notification won’t include your name or the name of your Page, so you can stalk your competitors without them knowing its you:

Here are four ways that you can use Pages to Watch:

Learn from Pages that are getting results and understand what is working for them. You can then model your own strategy and tactics based on their approach. Don’t directly copy but use parallel ideas and adapt. Use Top Posts From Pages to Watch (see above).

Build your followers by adopting a similar approach to fast growing Pages and avoiding the strategy of less successful Pages.

Monitor Pages that have a similar audience to yours to better understand your audience and visitors - You can search for ‘Pages liked by people who like <name of your Page>’ and then add suitable Page/s from the results. Note: You’ll need to have Graph Search to be able to do this - find out how.

Look for questions you can answer - keep an eye on questions in Comments of Pages You Watch that can provide you with subject matter for Facebook and blog posts. Posting and blogging about people’s concerns is very likely to create engagement.

In summary, by using Pages to Watch you can learn from best practice and then create your own original and engaging content.

For more advice on Facebook, download my 100 Facebook Tips or book some time to receive advice over the phone.


10 ways to use Facebook embedded posts

Following the launch of Facebook embedded posts - read more on this - below are 10 ways on how you can use this great new feature. Embedded posts mean that you can take Facebook text, photos and videos and place it onto your website or blog where it remains ‘live’. That is, users can interact with a post on your website by Liking, Commenting and Sharing - see example at the bottom of the About page on wearediningclub.co.uk or the one below:

Below are 10 ways of using Facebook embedded posts:

1) Reach people not on Facebook - Yes, there are some! Show off your Facebook content to your website or blog visitors who aren’t on Facebook.

2) Engage visually - Display visual content such as photos and videos.

3) Build your audience - Encourage new Likes but posting a reason to Like your Page eg to enter a competition, obtain a discount and then embed this on your website. Visitors to the website can click the Like button there and then without having to visit Facebook.

4) Enhance customer services - Highlight conversations between you and your customers. For example, if you’ve received a questions on your Facebook Page and have provided an answer useful to others then be helpful to your website visitors by posting it in your Help or FAQ section.

5) Create a reviews page - Publish recommendations and testimonials from clients onto your website.

6) Be a news hub - You can embed any Public posts made from any Facebook Page, not just your own, so share useful news and information from industry leading Facebook Pages.

7) Cross promote - If you’re collaborating with another business on an event or a project then embed their Facebook posts promoting the event or talking about the project on your website and ask them to do the same with your posts.

8) Encourage sign ups - Obtain more subscribers for your newsletter or blog by posting a message to Facebook with a link to your sign up Page, then embed this on your website.

9) Highlight a Facebook app - You can highlight a competition, promo or discount you’re running on a Facebook app. See 5 ways to use Facebook apps for ideas. Include a link to your app in your post.

10) Highlight a Timeline competition - Following the relaxation of Facebook competition rules you can now highlight these competitions on your website.

How do you plan to use embedded posts? Please let me know in the Comments below.