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4 great ideas for embedded tweets

Following on the How to embed a tweet article earlier this month here are a few ideas of how you can use embedded tweets on your website and blog.

  1. Alternative to quotes: Instead of quoting people on their opinions, for examples and illustration you could display their original tweet. This is much more authentic than putting text in quote marks.
  2. Raise awareness of upcoming events: Draw attention to upcoming events by including tweets. This not only provides information but encourages people to spread the word about the event by retweeting or to ask questions by replying directly from the article.
  3. Event follow up: When you write a review or blog post following an event you could include questions raised and comments from the event. This provides a solid and authentic base for the review.
  4. Testimonials: Include positive customer or client feedback on your website. As with 1) this is much more authentic than including text in speech marks. You may also get some retweets too which will help spread the word about your business.

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