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How to embed a tweet

Twitter makes it easy to embed tweets on your website or blog. By embedding a tweet you retain the full functionality that users have on Twitter. For example, readers can retweet, reply or favorite the embedded tweet.

The above embedded tweet is a much better way of using Twitter content for your Twitter marketing than taking a screen shot of a tweet and adding it as an image.

To embed a tweet you need to copy and paste HTML code into your website or blog. Alternatively, you could ask your web designer to do this. On, hover over the tweet you wish to embed and select Open, then select Details at the bottom of the tweet. Then select Embed this Tweet.

The code for you to copy and paste into your website or blog will then be displayed. You can choose how the tweet is aligned on the page eg Left, Right or Center.

In a future article I’ll be providing ideas on how you can make use of embedded tweets to improve your Twitter marketing.

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