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5 Social Media tools you’ve never heard of

Here’s the lowdown on 5 Social Media tools you’ve probably never heard of but which could be useful additions to your existing Social Media toolbox. For each tool you’ll find what it does, a suggestion on how to use it along with examples.

Tagdef - Website

Tagdef lists popular hashtags and helps you find out a hashtag’s meaning, as long as someone has entered a definition. You can also obtain the the date a hashtag was first used together with a list of related hashtags.

Use to relate your posts to popular hashtags for increased visibility of your tweets. For example, I recently used the #FakeFans hashtag following a Channel 4 Dispatches program (18 days left to view as at 17 August) in tweets relating to my blog posts on how to acquire more fans.


ShotPin is an extension for Chrome that makes it easy to take a screenshot from any web page and then share it on Pinterest.

Watch this short helpful video that explains how you use ShotPin. You can use to take screenshots of partial images and of text. For example, use ShotPin to capture a headline on your blog.

Mixbit - IoS

The MixBit app and website launched earlier this month by two of the creators of YouTube, allow you to create videos with the same  touch, hold and shoot actions of  Vine and Instagram video.  It’s unique feature in being able to use and mix video from a library of clips - up to 16 seconds each - uploaded from other users. The app lets you record, edit and publish videos as short as one second or as long as an hour (with a mix of 256 clips) - right from your mobile device. Users upload anonymously.

Use as an alternative to Vine and Instagram when you want to use a library of clips or require a longer video (Vine videos are limited to 6 seconds and Instagram 15 seconds). You could demonstrate your products which could then be used by others on their videos. It could be really powerful if it takes off. Here’s an example video from MixBit.

PicFrame - IoS app

PicFrame helps you create unique images by combining multiple photos into amazing looking frames.

Use make to create an eye-catching montage of your products. Here’s an example from Discovery Foods on Instagram.

Flipagram - IoS app

Another tool for use with Instagram  Flipagram takes your Instagram photos and turns them into a video slideshow complete with music.

Use to put together photos from an event into a video that tells the story of who attended and what happened. For example, here’s a Flipagram of Laptop Friday’s 3rd Birthday.


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