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70% of online consumers watch online video

People are spending an increasing amount of time watching and downloading online video. See the recent figures below for an accurate breakdown together with sources.

Seventy per cent of global online consumers watch online video. [1]
In the UK Internet visits to online video sites have grown by 80% in past three years [2]
57% of online video viewers say they enjoyed watching video which was next to or within an article, suggesting the power of using video as part of a wider package of information. [3]
Seven in ten adult internet users in the US (69%) have used the internet to watch or download video, representing 52% of all adults in the United States [4]. This shows that people have used online video more than social media sites, which stands at 65% of adult internet users and 50% of all adults in the US. [5]

[1] Nielsen August 2010 How People Watch – The Global State of Video Consumption
[2] October 24, 2011, Experian Hitwise online video report
[3] Yahoo! Survey 2011
[4] Pew Research Centre The State of Online Video June 2010
[5] Pew Research Centre August 2011

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