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Save money with Foursquare this Christmas

With the Festive season approaching it’s handy to be able to save a few pennies when out buying Christmas presents, shopping for groceries or grabbing a coffee. No need for vouchers; just check-in on Foursquare at selected UK retailers and pay with your American Express card. You’ll need to sync your Amex card with Foursquare and load the Special after you’ve checked in.

Most attractive of all is the Special from Harvey Nichols where you can effectively obtain £25 worth of shopping for free. You might not have an Amex card but an offer as attractive as this surely makes it worth considering.

Of course, this is the intention behind the promotion. The Special with Gap is also attractive; spend £10 by 31 December and receive £10 a credit.

Here are some of the other Foursquare Specials:

  • Starbucks - Spend £10 by 13 February and receive £5 credit
  • HMV - Spend £20 by 31 December and receive £5 credit
  • Argos - Spend £20 by 31 December and receive £5 credit
  • Tesco - Spend £50 by 31 December and receive £10 credit
  • House of Fraser - Spend £50 by 31 December and receive £10 credit
  • Liberty - Spend £50 by 31 December and receive £25 credit

If you come across any other Foursquare Specials in the UK please let me know or post in the comments and I’ll add to the list above.

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