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LinkedIn Today updated

LinkedIn Today has been updated and now provides new ways for readers to tailor content to their requirements and interests.

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that LinkedIn has been positioning itself as a source of news and information over the past year and this latest change is in line with their strategy of becoming a serious media company.

Four tabs now appear on LinkedIn Today - Your News, Influencer Posts, All Influencers and All Channels. LinkedIn members can now select 5 channels (previously called Topics) and 5 influencers that they wish to follow. Content from the chosen channels are published on the default Your News tab with posts from your selected Influencers displayed under the Influencer Posts tab. Members can use the remaining two tabs to view All Influencers and All Channels.

This approach provides tighter customisation than previously, where an algorithm was used to display personalised content. From each new tab it’s easy to follow new Channels and Influencers with buttons placed throughout the content. You can also visit an individual channel to view all its subject matter and you can Unfollow from there too. On the right hand side a navigation menu is provided to the other Channels and your selected channels are marked with a tick.

The new LinkedIn Today is a great source of current news, insights and content that you can Like, Comment on and Share with your professional network.

Kevin Gu, an associate product manager at LinkedIn says, “By following channels you will have access to timely and relevant professional news and insights that can help you stay one step ahead and be in the know on what’s trending in your professional network.”

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