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Adding Recommended Links to your Google+ Page

On your Google+ Page you can add what seems to be an unlimited number of Recommended Links. Go to your Page and select Edit Profile on the top right. Then click in the Recommended Link area. Then select Add custom link to add your website, blog, YouTube or a link to any site you like. Repeat to add more links then when you’re done select Save. You can edit or remove links as required.

About Jonathan Pollinger

Jonathan has a wide range of communications and social media experience having starting his career as an Independent Financial Adviser. He has spent the past 13 years helping companies with communications, technology and more recently social media. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable about all social networks, Jonathan is a believer in community and is keen to bring people together face to face using social media. He’s involved with the organisation of a number of regular events including Digitalks Cheltenham and Cheltenham Social Media Club. View all posts by Jonathan Pollinger → This entry was posted in Social Media Tips by . Bookmark the permalink.


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