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Example of a Facebook fan helping Sales

A simple illustration of how your customers can act as a powerful division of your Sales and Marketing Department can be seen on the Whole Foods Market Cheltenham Facebook Page.

Positive comments likes this are a great way to promote your business; this post being visible on the business’ Page as well as in the News Feeds of the the friends of the person posting.  As the old adage goes, “the best way to get business is by word of mouth”.

It’s also great to see the quick response by Whole Foods Market acknowledging the positive comment and suggesting another visit to the store.

If you have examples of good or bad use of Facebook please let me know by posting them in the Comments below.


5 ways to use Facebook apps

Following the introduction of Timeline, apps (previously called tabs) have become a really attractive feature for owners of Facebook Pages. They are now more visible and accessible with large icons - which you can customise - at the top of the Page. The apps themselves are now larger with a width of 810px. There are no ads or sidebars so no distractions meaning fans can now focus on the app content. Pro-tip: You can use Facebook Ads to link directly to your tab to increase visitors.

Below are a 5 ideas on how you can use them:

  1. Sell your products - set up a shop on Facebook to sell your products. Here’s an example from the Flissitations Crafty Creations Page which uses the free Etsy Theme Shop app.
  2. Encourage newsletter sign-ups - add a sign-up form for your newsletter to increase your readership - You can read more about this in a previous article and here’s the app I use on the Intranet Future Facebook Page.
  3. Showcase your videos - let your fans watch your videos on Facebook. Here’s redbull.tv from the Red Bull Facebook Page.
  4. Run a competition - encourage people to enter a competition. Here’s a Cheekiest Smile Photo Competition which I helped set up for the Nametags4u Facebook Page this month.
  5. Ask for customer feedback - obtain feedback from your customers so you can help them. Here’s the Customer Care tab from the Domino’s Pizza UK Facebook Page.

Working with our partners we also design and produce complete Facebook Pages or individual apps - more info and prices. For help with using Facebook for marketing and customer services you can book a consultation at £70 per hour or attend one of my Facebook workshops for £87.

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